Growing in Christ

  • In our faith, we recognize God loved the world so much, God sent his only Son into the world.  Through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, we come to know the grace and love of God, and recognize we have the opportunity to follow Him. 

  • One way we talk about following Jesus is to imitate Him and become the people He leads us to be.  We often talk about this as Growing in Christ.  This metaphor is apt when we think about how we cultivate a faith community.  This faith community nourishes and nurtures participants to grow in their faith.

  •  Jesus uses the idea of a seed, planted and growing in to a mature plant producing its fruit, as an image for the life of faith.  We at First Presbyterian hope to cultivate a community of faith which enables participants to Grow in Christ.  You are welcome to come join us and grow with us.



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